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What Is Good Public Procurement



The best public procurement is simple and swift, producing positive results without protracted delays. 



Good procurement is impartial, consistent, and therefore reliable. Its opportunities carries transparency along side with this.



Good procurement establishes and then maintains rules and procedures that are accessible and unambiguous.



Good procurement holds its practitioners responsible for enforcing and obeying the rules. 

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Why Is Sound Public Procurement So Important?

The Bureau of Public Procurement has established general policies and guidelines relating to public sector procurement, and for supervising procurement implementation as well as reviewing the procurement and award of contract procedures of every public entity to which the Public Procurement Act applies, including certifying all Federal wide procurement (subject to the Bureau’s prior review) prior to the award of contracts.

These opportunities arise in relation to the implementation of international development projects. Finance is provided to Borrowers (Bank clients),through Investment Project Financing (IPF). In Operations Procurement the Borrower is the Buyer, not the Bank. However, the Borrower is required to follow the Bank’s Operations Procurement rules when tendering, letting and implementing these contracts.